The Workhorse Chef Knife

Are you just about to start preparing your own meals? Are you looking forward to buying an ideal chef knife? Do you simply need to replace your old kitchen knife? All you need to do is check out some chef knife reviews before you decide on what to buy. A knife is basically an important tool in the kitchen. It has a wide range of use from removing meat from the bone to slicing and dicing food and spices. All these can be made easier if only you get a good knife.
chef knife
I was just moving in from my parents’ home into my new house. I had done a bit of shopping around and was now shopping for kitchen cutlery. I had done most of the shopping but was hesitant when it came to buying a knife. The chef knife is the workhorse of the kitchen so you probably need to get the best one for your kitchen. I had to check out the best chef knife reviews to gather relevant information that could help me choose the ideal knife.

From these reviews I found out that knives could be bought individually or in sets. However, the main information I gathered was about the factors to consider before actually buying a chef knife. You need to know the type of knife you want to buy; there are different types for different functions. Another factor to consider is the size. The standard chef knife size is 8-inch but you can get shorter versions of up to 6-inch.

You also need to consider the material used to construct the blade as this will determine the durability, proneness to rusting and the ease of sharpening. You might also want to check the weight of the knife and the balance between the handle and blade as they determine how you will be able to handle the knife. I bought a set of 6 chef knives that has been serving me over the years.

Chef knife reviews will provide you with information that helps you to choose the best knife for your kitchen.

Why I Consider the Cuisinart Toaster the Real Deal

Have you wondered why your mornings are so gloomy despite your valiant efforts to spruce them up with a good workout or shower? Perhaps it is the frustration you encounter unknowingly, while preparing breakfast. I never quite understood it until I replaced my broken sandwich toaster with a Cuisinart toaster. It certainly has been the best return for money in spite being cheaper than the previous model. It occupies less space in my kitchen with its more vertical and compact design. Its features mesmerized me with its efficiency and uniqueness. A cord wrap is one feature on the Cuisinart toaster that helps me keep tidy as it ensures that the wires don’t end up all over the kitchen counter.

The Cuisinart toaster is user friendly with knobs and levers, which are linked to the slots where the bread is placed. I was particularly amazed by the feature that allowed me to adjust the level of browning on my bread. This is something I never encountered while using the old toaster and it has an impact on how crusty the bread becomes afterwards. There was no cease to the amazement that the Cuisinart toaster had in store for me when I discovered that I could have my bread toasted on one side by setting it to the bagel feature.
cuisinart toasters
On days that I had to leave my breakfast in a rush, all I had to do when I got back home was set the Cuisinart toaster to the reheat option. In the event that I have chosen to preserve my sandwiches in the freezer, there is no need to worry because there is a defrost option as well. We all know that the kitchen should be as hygienic as possible right? The first time I used the Cuisinart toaster I wondered just how complicated it would be to clean it. The extra lift function allowed me to remove the part where the bread is placed from the toaster and clean it separately. The only stains you have to worry about on the toaster are the fingerprints left on its shiny surface. My experience with the Cuisinart toaster has definitely changed my mornings for the better.

How Much Does Your Coffee Brewing Method Affect the Taste

The process of making coffee has become quite an art form over the past decade. In the 90s coffee shop franchises exploded all over the US, but the 21st century has definitely seen a turn toward an artisanal approach to producing goods and services, and coffee brewing is certainly one of them. Aside from the usual chain in town, we have four independent coffee shops all using different methods of making coffee. One is an espresso bar, one is a fancy manual drip coffee place that uses porcelain containers to hold unbleached filters while water is hand-poured over and stimulated with a wooden spoon, one has what is called a cold-press coffee maker that takes hours, and finally, one has the traditional drip-machine approach.
coffee maker
Out of these four I definitely prefer the coffee at the manual drip place. The flavor of their coffee seems richer, and less starchy. However, this left me wondering how much this difference in flavor has to do with the type of coffee or the methods used to brew it. If you want to make your own coffee at home there are a ton of options, and sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference in quality and taste the different methods produce. I decided to try a few different types of coffee makers I’d heard about in order to see if there is any real difference.

I borrowed a friend’s Keurig because I know those individual coffee makers are really popular right now. I also borrowed a Chemex, an hour-glass shaped container that is actually made out of glass and comes with it’s own special filter. I also used an espresso machine, a traditional French press and a traditional drip coffee machine. For comparison I used two different types of coffee (a bargain brand sold at a coffee shop chain and a higher-end roast that I like to have as a treat).

After trying these different approaches with both types of coffee my conclusion is that if you start with good ingredients (a decent, freshly roasted coffee with a flavor you prefer and filtered water) and you keep the beans whole and then grind them as needed, you can’t really go wrong with whatever brewing method you choose. My preference is a traditional drip coffee machine, primarily because of the convenience factor. I can get it going and then leave it until it’s ready. I don’t want to have to stand around tending my coffee in the morning. If I do that, I might as well be cooking breakfast!

Family Dinners With My Amazing Aroma Rice Cooker

As a single working mum of two beautiful kids, getting home to make dinner every day is almost impossible. By the time I get home from work am so tired and all I want to do is have a hot shower and then get into bed. However, dinner time is the only family time I get and so I promised myself to always make time to sit with my kids for at least thirty minutes so we can catch up on the day’s activities.

The truth is that cooking usually requires a lot of my attention and sometimes I don’t have enough time to watch the food as it cooks. I knew that I had to figure out a way to make food that is healthy and delicious but at the same time requires as little attention as possible. I already had a slow cooker but I needed something else.
My kids absolutely love rice but most of the times when I left the rice on the stove to have a quick shower, I would find it overcooked or burned. I called up a friend of mine who usually makes some fantastic rice and she asked me to have a look at some of the Aroma rice cooker’s reviews and after checking out a few reviews, I quickly made an online order for an Aroma rice cooker which was delivered in just a few days.

After using it a few times, I can confidently say that I made the right choice in getting an Aroma rice cooker. The rice is perfect every single time and it also gives me the option of cooking brown rice which is much healthier for my family. The best part about the rice cooker is the fact that it’s so easy to cook that my twelve year old son can easily prepare the rice when I’m running late from work. Every busy mum needs an Aroma rice cooker; it makes you feel like a professional chef even though you only spent a few minutes in the kitchen.

How I Started Cooking Exotic Dishes

After reading several All Clad cookware reviews, I am glad that I decided to buy the product. It has been a few years since I bought my cookware and it doesn’t show any signs of aging. Even though my stainless steel cookware has a few scratches, it doesn’t have any dents yet. In addition, some pieces have been neglected because there are times when I allow them to boil dry and become discolored. However, after boiling a solution of vinegar and water in my cookware, they are restored to become as good as new.
clean pot
I also find it easy to clean my cookware and there are no odors left from the previous meal that I cooked in them. I also enjoy the fact that I can always get even heat when I’m cooking and there’s nothing like hot spots. This means that my meals always come out nice and I have now become a more confident cook. I used to be afraid to try new dishes but after using this cookware, I have recently bought a cook book in order to expand my knowledge. Even my family are so happy because they are always anticipating trying out a new dish every so often.

My cookware is versatile and I can use it for slow cooking, stir frying, braising and sauteing. One of the best things about my cookware is that it is non-stick and so it doesn’t brown my veggies or burn my meat, which used to happen a lot with some of the lower quality items that I was using. If I need to steam, boil or make stock, I have a piece of cookware for every need. I also have a particular piece that I use just for warming food.

Being my first set of All Clad, I have discovered that this is quite a money saver because the cookware is going to last for a long time. I have just bough a few pieces and I will keep adding pieces as the need arises and as I continue to learn how to cook more exotic dishes. Apart from stainless steel, All Clad has a line of copper cookware, which is a bit expensive but it is money well spent. I am thinking of buying the copper core, straight walled saute pans and maybe the three-quart slope-sided saute pan. All in all, I’m glad that I stumbled upon the All Clad cookware reviews because they have opened my eyes to a whole new world of cooking experience.

I Found My Best Bread Maker!

A good bread maker is hard to find but Zojirushi just took that load off my back. After a series of disappointments of dough not rising, poor mixtures and unsuccessful results in almost everything I made, I purchased my first original bread maker from Zojirushi and I have never looked back since then. In fact I started recommending Zojirushi appliances to my friends who had similar complaints and guess what! I have now raised an army of Zojirushi product lovers.
Zojirushi is a multi-manufacturer and marketing corporation based in Japan with subsidiary companies in Tokyo, Hong Kong, the USA, China and a branch in South Korea. Their machinery will never let you down may they be beverage dispensers, vacuum cleaners or consumer electronics such as rice cookers, electric water boilers and kettles, refrigerators, hot water dispensers and bread making machines. The minute I got that bread maker I always wanted from Zojirushi I started filling up my home with all these other equally good Zojirushi equipment.

A good Zojirushi bread maker that suits your day to day kitchen use is available for you at their website or at for purchase and free shipping. The bread making machines are classified by size with the smaller ones ranging from $100 to $200 and the much larger ones from $200 and above. A less expensive brand would be Cuisinart, but Zojirushi does give you value for the worth.

All their bread makers contain classy stainless steel surfaces that make is easy for you to clean. They also have a pair of automated kneading blades that save you the time and effort needed to knead your flour mixture. The settings are easy to use and their controls can even be customized. Making bread is as easy as placing your ingredients in the maker, pressing start and let the bread maker work its magic then enjoy your sweet hot loaf in a bit.

Features of the Best Microwave Oven Brands

Last Christmas, I was busy trying to find a microwave. It was my gift idea for my grandmother with whom I was to celebrate Christmas with. It was a few days to Christmas and I decided to get the microwave from a local store rather than online. I reckoned I wouldn’t receive the microwave before Christmas if I shopped online. As usual, I sought the help of a sales rep from the store. My idea was to get his advice on which were the best microwaves. This advice I’d use to select the one to buy.

The sales rep was fast to point out what he thought were the best microwave oven brands to buy. However, he couldn’t tell the reason why he thought so. I guess he just wanted to make the sale regardless whether the microwave pleased the customer or not. Having not gotten reasonable advice, I decided to get another gift for grandma. The microwave would have to wait another whole year. At least, I’d have enough information on brands to make an informed buying decision.


This disappointment led me to do some research on what makes the top microwave oven brands unique. Here’s some of the stuff I found.

The top brands have been around for some years now. There are particular brand names which if mentioned, will evoke the image of a microwave. The reason for this is that the companies behind these brands are known to be the pioneers in the manufacture of the kitchen appliance.

The best microwave brands are innovative. Today’s microwave is quite different from those sold five years ago. Innovative features have been added to make it more efficient and easy to use and maintain. If you want to identify a quality brand, simply compare between a new model with an old one in terms of innovativeness.

Finally, the pricing of the top microwave brands is easily justifiable by quality. During my store visit before Christmas, I was willing to spend any amount as long as the sales rep assured me of the microwave’s quality.

Although Christmas is still a couple of months off, I can say that I have already decided on the specific gift to get my grandma this year.

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Best Blenders that Will Serve Your Needs

A good blender is a very important part of any kitchen, whether it is making pureeing tomatoes, margaritas or smoothies. Despite the wide popularity other food processors such as hand or immersion mixers, blenders still remain the best choice for whipping up smoothie, crushing ice and other frozen drinks. Check this out to help you find the top blender for smoothies:


The Kitchen Aid KSB560
If you would like to purchase a new blender, you would like to have one that serves your needs best. If you want to have one that has enough power for your kitchen uses, then the Kitchen Aid KSB 560 is for you. This blender has a 0.9 horsepower; this is strong enough for use in any normal kitchen. It has five different buttons for different functions that include mixing, stir, chop and liquefy. It further has an ice-crushing button. Ice crushing could be a task that shortens the life of your blender; however with this button you will prolong the use of your blender.

Hamilton Beach 58148A
This blender is multi-functional. It can be used to blend classic beverage or prepare food like purees or salsas. This blender has a very practical use in the kitchen, it has four buttons that allow you to dice, chop, grate or puree what you want. This unit is easy to operate and you can quickly select the button you want. It has a jar capacity of 40 ounces; this size would cater for many tasks. The jar dishwasher is also safe; this means that you can wash it easily.

SM700 Signature II smoothie blender
A smoothie blender is one of the most sought for kitchen appliance. This SM700 blender is reliable for its products. With a 56 oz. container, it begs for ingredients to be added. This blender is easy to use and produces reliable results. It has a 700watt pulsing motor that makes it handy and reliable. This is certainly a blender you will want to keep it in your kitchen counter.

Get a blender and start making smoothies now!